Guidelines for Units

Grouping and formation of GYRA unit

  1. The questionnaires will be provided to the students and scores from the questionnaires will be computed.
  2. GYRA advisor shall inform the inclination of students towards the broad area of research based on the scores obtained from the given questionnaires. Five broad fields namely;
    • Engineering and Technology (ET)
    • Environment and Earth science (ES)
    • Life and Basic Science (LS)
    • Social science (SS)
    • Art and Culture (AC)
  3. In concurrence with the students’ field of interest, a “GYRA unit” shall be formed. The formed GYRA unit shall have;
    • Coach (Teachers/representatives from the school)
    • Facilitator (At least one Parent)
    • Scholars (4 -10 students)
  4. GYRA unit shall be registered with GYRA (Please refer below).


  1. Each school, its GYRA units, Coaches, Facilitators and Scholars shall be registered with GYRA as mentioned below.
  2. Registration of school / Institutions.
    1. The registration of schools to GYRA shall be done using the online form available in the GYRA website / Google form. This shall be done by the head of the school or the authorized Teacher.
    2. Details such as school name, address, Name of Head of school, contact number and email of the Head of school, Authorized teacher (if applicable), their address for communication, subject, contact number and email id shall be entered.
    3. The official contact person shall be the Head of the school or a teacher who is authorized by the school (authorized teacher).
    4. After confirming the entries, press the submit button.
    5. A code number shall be generated by the GYRA team and given to the school. It is termed as School code.
  3. Registration of GYRA unit, Coaches, Facilitators and Scholars.
    1. The GYRA unit shall be registered with GYRA using the online form available in the (GYRA website / Google form).
    2. Select register new GYRA unit.
    3. The school shall be selected from the list.
    4. First the Coach shall fill in his/her details followed by Facilitator and the Scholars.
    5. The Name shall be written in full (full name), such that the given name is written first followed by surname/initials at the end. Example: Aruna Renjith, Arun T, etc.
    6. Other details shall be entered in the same form.
    7. The coach shall enter the details such as full name, school name, address, contact number, email id, subject, experience, gender, age.
    8. The facilitator shall enter the details such as full name, address, occupation, education, contact number, email id, gender, age and scholar name.
    9. The scholar shall enter the full name, address for communication, gender, date of birth (DOB), grade/division and parent name.
    10. Other details as the address for communication, affiliation/designation in school, contact phone number and contact email, class/division etc. shall be filled in the same form.
    11. After confirming the entries press the submit button.
    12. Once the GYRA unit is registered the GYRA team shall review it and generate the following;
      • GYRA unit identity number (GYRA UNIT ID).
      • GYRA Coach identity number (COACH ID).
      • GYRA Scholar identity number (SCHOLAR ID).
      • GYRA Facilitator identity number (FACILITATOR ID).
    13. The above generated identity numbers will be shared with the Coaches through the authorized Teacher/Head of school. The members are encouraged to use these in all their communications with GYRA.

Naming of GYRA unit

  1. The GYRA units shall have a name.
  2. This name shall not be an official name, but only an optional name for the team.
  3. The name shall represent the broad values of GYRA/GYRA unit/research.
  4. The names shall not be funny/flunky/offensive by any means.
  5. The GYRA unit shall decide the name with discussion among the team and approval by the coach.

GYRA workbook

  1. Each GYRA unit shall be provided with GYRA workbook with unique number.
  2. The GYRA workbook (192 pages) will have repeated pages (with light green color grid) to write on it.
  3. For the guidelines to use GYRA workbook, please refer Annexure 1.
  4. Additional GYRA workbook shall be issued after the pages on the previous GYRA workbook are being used up.
  5. The workbook belongs to GYRA (not GYRA unit) and shall be returned to GYRA upon graduation or relieving.