Guidelines for Mentors
  1. The mentor is responsible for the overall research progress of the GYRA unit.
  2. The mentors shall adhere to the rules, roles and responsibilities prescribed by GYRA time to time.
  3. The mentors shall see to that the GYRA units adhere to the guidelines (safety, zero waste, research methodology, etc.).
  4. The mentor shall have frequent meeting with the GYRA Unit and GYRA team.
  5. The Mentors are requested to go through the
    • GYRA Safety guidelines
    • GYRA guidelines on harassment/abuse/exploitation/discrimination
    • Research Ethics
    • Prohibited and hazardous items
    • Zero Waste Policy
  6. It is to be noted that “All will be treated equal and all are one. Moreover, there will not be any grading allotted. It will be an experience towards doing research”.