Guidelines for Facilitators
  1. The major role of Facilitator is to support the GYRA unit in all its activities.
  2. The facilitator shall accompany the Scholars for activities planned beyond the school hours.
  3. The facilitator shall understand the GYRA policies and follow the guidelines of GYRA.
  4. The facilitator shall assist in registration of GYRA unit.
  5. The facilitator shall have active participation in all the activities of GYRA unit and its meetings from time to time.
  6. The facilitator should remember that he/she is responsible for the entire unit (all children in the GYRA unit) and not only for their child/children alone.
  7. The facilitator shall resonate the right environment or situation or knowledge for the Scholars to take their individual observations or inference or decision making.
  8. The facilitator shall not interfere in the decision making of the Scholars or the Coaches unless deemed necessary as per GYRA instructions.
  9. The facilitator shall help the Scholars to improve their knowledge by supporting the unit with relevant resources such as reading materials or handouts or newspapers or other resources, relevant to the activities of the GYRA unit.
  10. The facilitator shall stick to the tasks authorized by the Coach.
  11. The facilitator shall inform their unavailability for GYRA activities to the Coach well in advance in order to ensure smooth progress.
  12. In case of any emergency and/or unavoidable circumstances, if the facilitator is unavailable for a planned GYRA activity, he/she shall inform the Coach about it over phone or in-person. In such cases, if the Coach is able to accompany, the Scholars shall continue the activity. Else, the coach shall postpone or call off that activities and plan to continue it another day.
  13. The facilitator may ensure that he/she do not simply abstain from the authorized activities of GYRA unit. In such a case the facilitator shall voluntarily inform the Coach about their interest not to participate in GYRA activities and culminate the registration with GYRA. The facilitator shall remember that in these circumstances the coach shall also have right to inform the GYRA team and culminate the registration with GYRA.
  14. The facilitator should adhere to the guidelines put forth by the GYRA team such as;
    • GYRA Safety guidelines
    • GYRA guidelines on harassment/abuse/exploitation/discrimination
    • Research Ethics
    • Prohibited and hazardous items
    • Zero Waste Policy
  15. It is to be noted that “All will be treated equally. There will not be any grading. It will be an experience in quality research”