Guidelines for GYRA Scholars
  1. GYRA scholars are primarily invited to nurture their curiosity, acquire research methodology and think like a scientist.
  2. The GYRA projects are extra-curricular activities for the scholars.
  3. The GYRA scholars shall make necessary effort to complete the courses (provided by GYRA) and other tasks in a timely manner so that they shall have enough time to revise and also do the regular academic (school) activities.
  4. The GYRA scholars shall participate in the routine weekly meetings and discussions of the GYRA unit.
  5. All the GYRA scholars shall actively participate in the evaluation/update meetings and present their work.
  6. The GYRA scholar shall not make GYRA activities as an excuse to regular school activities (reading, writing, homework, exam preparation, sessional exams, competitions, sports, etc.).
  7. Write all the activities in the GYRA workbook on that day itself and get the signature from the coach and facilitator.
  8. The GYRA scholar is expected to read and follow the Guidelines for using GYRA workbook.
  9. The GYRA scholar shall remember to always be accompanied by a facilitator or coach in case of any field work related to GYRA activities.
  10. No GYRA scholar shall take up any field work (outside school and/or home) without the presence of an accompanied facilitator or coach.
  11. If a facilitator is authorized to accompany the GYRA scholars for an external task (field work related) and is unable to accompany (for any reason), the GYRA scholars shall complete the task if the Coach is available.
  12. In case if both the facilitator and coach are not available (or turn up) on that day (within 30 min of the scheduled time) the GYRA scholar shall not go out for field work independently. They shall consider that the activity/task for that day is cancelled or postponed.
  13. The GYRA scholars shall make their own observations and assessments on the proceedings of research with the GYRA team and shall not be influenced or dependent on any other individuals.
  14. Each GYRA scholar shall follow the GYRA safety guidelines and take at most care not to harm others by any means.
  15. The GYRA scholars are requested to go through the
    • GYRA Safety guidelines
    • GYRA guidelines on harassment/abuse/exploitation/discrimination
    • Research Ethics
    • Prohibited and hazardous items
    • Zero Waste Policy
  16. The scholars should understand that in the context of GYRA, “All will be treated equal and all are one. Moreover, there will not be any grading allotted. It will be an experience towards doing research”