Guidelines for Coaches
  1. The major role of a coach is to support and train the Scholars of the GYRA unit throughout their tenure in GYRA.
  2. The coach shall lead in setting up the GYRA unit with the guidance of GYRA team.
  3. The coach shall assist/guide the members of the GYRA unit for registration unit and individual members.
  4. The coach shall understand the GYRA policies and ensure the team members follow the guidelines of GYRA.
  5. The coach shall prompt in facilitating the step-by-step research methodology from time to time given by GYRA team.
  6. The Coach shall communicate or report to the GYRA at the regular intervals and prescribed timeline.
  7. The coach shall conduct progressive meetings with the GYRA unit (including the parents).
  8. The coach shall ensure that the safety guidelines are followed (GYRA Safety guidelines N: xx).
  9. The coach shall authorize the parents in effective progress of the GYRA unit and help the parent in effectively adhere to the role of parent (Guidelines to parent no: xx).
  10. The coach should remember that, with GYRA “All will be treated equal and all are one. Moreover, there will not be any grading allotted. It will be an experience towards doing research”.
  11. The facilitator should adhere to the guidelines put forth by the GYRA team such as;
  • GYRA Safety guidelines
  • GYRA guidelines on harassment/abuse/exploitation/discrimination
  • Research Ethics
  • Prohibited and hazardous items
  • Zero Waste Policy